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Success is a partnership.  My clients are happy because

we conquer their mountain together.  Life becomes less stressful.

And the view from the top is awesome.

"Big life changes required a lot of detailed organizing relating to my life and financial affairs. I was totally overwhelmed! Katheryn's calm demeanor and systematic approach instantly put me at ease."


Tribeca, NYC

"Moving a family of eight into a new home is no small feat. We needed a method to the madness and systems make it work! Katheryn's planning and her team's organization is definitely why we are still on top of things today."


Upper East Side, NYC

"My interior design business grew fast and our office/design studio bore the brunt. Things were reorganized in a way that could be easily maintained and we now refer these services to our clients!"


Upper East Side, NYC


Upper West Side, NYC

"They say 'when one part of your life is a mess, it's likely that other parts aren't functioning effectively either,' and now I get it!  My work had taken over my home. Now both spaces are reorganized and I'm way less stressed."

"Seeing what fresh, knowledgeable eyes and talent can do in our company headquarters was a productivity game-changer! The transformation has been phenomenal for every single team member."


Santa Barbara, CA

"Before Katheryn, my businesses were running me and I was drowning in paperwork. Calmly she prioritized and reorganized. Katheryn set me up for success so I can do what I do best - grow my businesses!"


Upper West Side, NYC

"In a way this service saved me. Working and parenting, I had no bandwidth to overhaul my office and finish complicated personal projects I'd been putting off. Katheryn is so good, she really should be a life coach!"


Upper East Side, NYC

"This was a small investment that paid off big! I now understand the world of insurance, have a better medical plan, an apartment without paperwork everywhere and significantly better work-life flow."


Chelsea, NYC

"Katheryn's impartial brain helped me prioritize + identify the items weighing me down, resulting in almost overnight success + sanity.

It feels like having a "fixer" on speed-dial for fast, but sustainable life change!"


Park Slope, NYC

"The perfect combination of pragmatism & possibility! I now have a comprehensive, step-by-step plan that I'm maintaining on my own with all that I've learned and gained from this process. It's life-changing!"


Woodstock, NY

"I was overwhelmed after selling a home and moving. Not only was my new home transformed into the best space it could be, the process switched my mindset, giving me key insights and a fresh, new perspective."


Lenox Hill, NYC

"Newly married, our home was chaos. We had rooms full of boxes, piles everywhere - nothing worked! In just two sessions, the entire apartment was reorganized - each room, the kitchen, laundry room and every single closet!!"


Upper West Side, NYC

More often than not, my clients turn out to be some of my biggest fans.  If your situation has parallels to work that I've done in the past, I'm happy to connect you to a former client for a direct, personal reference.  You can also read more reviews on Google.


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