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BRING FUNCTION + FLOW TO YOUR PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT - Solving for chronically problematic areas - Total space reorganizing or redesign for function and lasting results - Sustainable system creation for life efficiency - Seasonal shifts - Total oversight of moves including downsizing, coordinating contractors, ordering/receiving shipments, unpacking, organizing to get things set up right from the start - Product sourcing and purchasing - Storage guidance and coordination - Coordinating donations and sale of belongings - Wardrobe downsizing


GET COMPLICATIONS OFF YOUR PLATE + MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE - Hard-to-ignore mounting projects like tax, legal, insurance, financial and bill messes - Data gathering and organizing for Attorneys and CPAs - Facing + dealing with projects that come with death, marriage, divorce, career change, work-from-home, new babies, and facility care for loved ones - Goal setting and guidance for physical health, fitness, mental health, budgeting, making time for family, friends or hobbies - Financial fitness, making healthy targets, reducing spending, budget creation - Small business operational overhauls, employee and compliance issues - Digital file, POS, CRM reorganizing


My goal is to help people declutter their physical and mental space so that they can focus their time and energy on the things that matter most.

I take the trust that my clients bring to our process with great responsibility and humility. Life reorganization is rarely just functional. People often feel very vulnerable - I acknowledge and honor this in how I work.

I live with core values of transparency, confidentiality and empathy. It is never my position to judge. Only to help.

NYC Professional Organizer Katheryn Keller Declutter Attention Management
NYC Professional Organizer Katheryn Keller Declutter Attention Management

I learned early on that life is short and ever since, I've passionately directed my talents towards solving for optimal organization and efficiency to maximize time.

Legal Studies, Dispute Resolution, Mortgage, Insurance and Operations experience have armed me with the technical (and emotional) know-how to confidently guide people to great outcomes. 

After two decades of honing my skills and processes, I can promise that my team and I have unique solutions for every problem.  And what I know for sure is that when people function more efficiently and effectively, they transform their lives... living more freely, and with much less stress.


When I started Life Reorganized, I knew there was far more value in "teaching a man to fish" versus becoming a recurring expense for clients who just needed to be empowered to better manage their life on their own. And we've been a referral-based business ever since because of it.

While at Morgan Stanley in 2017, I began freelancing for a few professional home organizing companies and quickly noticed two things:

 - We went in, made peoples' homes look pretty and then left, practically guaranteeing us another job because the clients were not professional organizers and struggled to maintain order

 - That when clients' physical spaces were a mess, there were usually some life culprits behind the scenes (mounting projects, tasks not getting done, and a general inability to keep up with life)

I left finance at the end of that year and my first clients were a high-profile NYC family who suffered a major medical event.  So that they could focus on care, they needed someone to come in and do three things:

 - Gather + organize + calculate data, and create reports for their CPA who needed to amend their prior years' tax returns due to massive medical expenses incurred

 - Get health insurance claims reprocessed + paid, and set up a claims tracking system for the family to easily manage on their own going forward

 - Gather + organize records, and create reports for + liaise with their Attorneys for the incident-resulting lawsuit

Today our talented + compassionate team of eight are getting clients past whatever is making them feel stuck, with both team + clients prideful in the transformation.



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