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WTF is this event?

Making Big Change

SparkNotes for your twenties, thirties + beyond

Tuesday 2/28/23, 6-8pm
Studio 111 Williamsburg BK
$20 advance / $25 door (capacity 40)

What you'll get

A supportive space for women + nonbinary to openly talk about the hard stuff - things you want to change, careers, relationships, friendships, etc., as well as a better understanding of life and the humans around you. 

Plus wine + seltzer, and a great rooftop sunset pic if you come a smidge early.

Tell me more

The goal is to leave feeling stronger, smarter, and more capable of managing tough situations. 


In one hour, via discussion and questions, I share what I’ve learned from my twenties and thirties (which were filled with a mix of tragedy, betrayal, therapy, coaching, romantic/friendship/family break-ups, job/career pivots, vice consuming, memoir ingesting, documentary watching, behavioral science podcast binging, close encounters of the narcissistic/sociopathic kind and more), to help you figure out who you are, what you want and how to get it. 


We'll get vulnerable about real life lessons that you’d otherwise fumble through on your own for the next 10-20 years hoping for the best.  And it may even be a good space to make better, like-minded friends who are also looking to learn, grow and improve their lives on the fast track!  You've heard it before, but who you surround yourself with matters.

Hosted by Katheryn Keller

She's the big sister you wish you'd had.  Katheryn is a Director of Operations turned Life Organizer who helps people declutter their physical + mental space to improve life + work. Since her only parent died at age 26, she's been figuring it out on her own, kicking her abandonment, perfectionist, people-pleasing and trauma-related issues to the curb, and has learned how to keep them at bay whenever they start to say hello again.  Katheryn believes that awareness of self and others is key because there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to life.  And in a quick-fix culture of instant-gratification, taking the time to understand underlying issues is what actually creates lasting change (versus just making things pretty temporarily for the Gram).


There are no refunds after purchase because we are reserving space for just 40 people, so by clicking the link below you understand that you are committing to yourself to attend without the possibility of a refund.


Event is open to women + nonbinary only. Purchaser's name will be at the door. 

There is a 3% credit card service fee, however if you click on E-CHECK there is no fee for a payment directly from your bank.

The event will start promptly at 6pm.

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