Katheryn has been in Financial Services and Project Management since 2004, but has been an exceptionally organized person her entire life. A California native, she moved to Brooklyn in 2017 to explore the east coast and expand her growing network. 

Katheryn has excelled in all matters that require organization, efficiency, strategy and execution. She is an outside-the-box thinker and has developed outstanding time management skills via the Strategic Coach® program, which, combined with her exceptional communication skills polished at CSU Chico as a Legal Studies major, makes her an asset to any number of situations requiring results. 

Her volunteer commitments nearly rival her professional commitments. Katheryn has been a 3-time Chair for the 1,000+ participant JDRF Walk To Cure Diabetes, a TEDxSantaBarbara and Community Environmental Council committee member, and has been involved with the NYC Fair Trade Coalition, Extinction Rebellion NYC and  5 Gyres since moving to the east coast. 

When she's not masterminding the organization of peoples’ lives with her talented team, you’re likely to find Katheryn in Prospect Park or wandering the streets of New York City in search of live music, good people-watching and the city’s best pizza slices.

You can read more about her projects on LinkedIn and hear more of her casual side on an episode of I'm Not Gonna Lie, available on Apple, Stitcher or Spotify

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