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Get a Grip.
On Your Time.

An in-depth hour for better

Weekly Time Management

Learn + implement a Behavioral Science-backed system for getting things out of your head + accomplished

Sunday 4/2/23, 6-7pm EDT
Virtual via Google Meet
$10 in advance

What you'll get

A new system for effectively managing your time + to-do list, while keeping your long-term goals top-of-mind.

Tell me more

The goal is to begin to lessen your daily stress level, eliminate the guilt of not getting things done and help you accomplish more, while eliminating the statement "where did all my time go" from coming out of your mouth.

We all have our own individual ways of "staying on top of things," but if your system still leaves you coming up short or you just can't seem to get everything done while staying sane, this talk is for you.

On Sunday April 2nd, I'll teach you a new system and we'll map out your week ahead together to make it more focused, productive and manageable.

Hosted by Katheryn Keller

Every Sunday evening for over 10 years, I've taken 15 minutes to get my week mapped out and even when fires come up throughout the week that need to be put out, this system allows me to manage them with sanity while staying on top of my commitments + tasks + long-term goals.

A Director of Operations turned Life Organizer, I help people declutter their physical + mental space to improve life + work. I've been focused on Time + Attention + Stress + Health Management since 2010 and will preach from the rooftops about anything Organization + Efficiency related to anyone who wants to listen. 


Because there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to life, I've taken to giving talks in small groups to cover all the "what-ifs" and "how-tos" in a personalized manner.  I think our quick-fix culture of instant-gratification tricks us into believing that "if I just use this app my life will magically be better," when in reality taking the time to step back, assess where we're at, and commit a little bit of time to change + growth + discipline, is what actually helps us improve. 


You will need a clipboard, a pencil, a black pen and the ability to print four copies of a PDF that will be emailed to you upon purchase.  Bonus if you have a red, yellow + green marker.

There are no refunds after purchase so by clicking the link below you understand that you are committing to yourself to attend without the possibility of a refund.

There is a 4% credit / debit card service fee, however if you click on E-CHECK there is no fee for a payment directly from your bank.

The event will start promptly at 6pm via Google Meet, which you will be sent a link in advance for + calendar invite with the information.

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